NFL Predictions: AFC East

In many ways, the NFL is so unpredictable as teams can go from being in the Super Bowl one year to missing the playoffs completely the next. One thing that remains constant, however, is the New England Patriots’ dominance in the AFC East. Since 2003, the Patriots finished without the best record in the AFC East only once with the sole season they did not finish with the best record (2008) saw Tom Brady go down with a knee injury in the season opener missing the remainder of the season. So spoiler alert: I have the Patriots with the best record in the AFC East. How do I have the rest of the AFC East playing out? Lets take a look.

New England Patriots: 12-4

Not much to talk about here the Patriots are looking to repeat as Super Bowl champions and the AFC East is the least of their worries. The Pats have a seemingly light schedule as they will only face five teams that made the playoffs last season. The only way I can see the Patriots finishing without the AFC East’s best record is if there is multiple injuries to their best players. Other than that, there is not much standing in their way of not only getting the best record in the AFC East, but making another run at the Super Bowl this season.

New York Jets: 8-8

Even if the signing of Le’Veon Bell is excluded, the New York Jets made some solid moves this offseason. The Jets acquired receiver Ty Montgomery and linebacker CJ Mosley from the Baltimore Ravens and receiver Jamison Crowder from the Redskins while also drafting defensive lineman Quinnen Williams out of Alabama with the number three overall pick. While I think the Jets will have the best team they’ve had in a while, I have them missing the playoffs this year but they will surely be competitive in the playoff race.

Buffalo Bills: 6-10

It was tough picking who would have the better season between the Bills and the Dolphins. Ultimately, I chose the Bills because while the Dolphins lost many of their key pieces this offseason, the Bills kept their team intact. The same team that the Bills were last season is what I expect them to be this season with the exception that I think Josh Allen will show improvement. The additions of Cole Beasley, Frank Gore and T.J. Yeldon will certainly make it easier for Josh Allen and the Bills offense but it will not be enough to make it to the postseason.

Miami Dolphins: 4-12

The Miami Dolphins made some significant changes this offseason: Ryan Tannehill, Danny Amendola, Frank Gore, Brock Osweiler, and Cameron Wake to name a few. I can’t see the Dolphins improving from last season after losing the amount of starters they lost this offseason. The loss of offensive talent will hurt second year quarterback Josh Rosen as he does not have enough talent around him to have a productive year. For these reasons, the Dolphins will have the worst record in the AFC East and will be in contention for the number one draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.


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